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This page is dedicated to people like you… production and postproduction professionals. From behind-the-scenes, you create the elements of craft, artistry and skill that become the magic known as Media and Entertainment.

If you are reading this, it’s because you want help in growing business. That’s our specialty.

For many years, Spelling Communications has successfully promoted a broad mix of production and postproduction companies:

  • editing
  • cinematography
  • commercials
  • D.I.
  • equipment rental
  • broadcasting / cable
  • visual effects
  • 3D production
  • industry trade groups
  • audio post
  • film libraries
  • hardware/software
  • film production
  • TV production
  • entertainment marketing
  • etc.

We help our clients reach business goals through “The Power to Influence.”
There is no greater influence in business than media exposure. Our proven and time-tested skills in media relations and marketing have helped many companies raise their profile in the industry, increase the inflow of new business and enhance their bottom line.

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