United Nations Presents World Premiere of “Yazidis: The Survivors Speak”

New Photo Exhibit by Yahad-In Unum Shed Light on the Criminal Process of the Yazidi Genocide 

(C) Yahad-In Unum / Kate Kornberg
(C) Yahad-In Unum / Kate Kornberg

New York, — Oct. 10, 2017 — The Permanent Missions of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Jordan to the United Nations in cooperation with the United Nations Outreach Program will present “Atrocities Committed Against the Yazidis: The Survivors Speak.”  The exhibit includes 16 portraits and quotes from Yazidi men women and children who survived three years of ISIS persecution. The exhibit is courtesy of Yahad-In Unum, a global human rights organization focusing on researching and denouncing genocide and mass violence.  The invitation-only opening of this exhibit will be on October 24, 2017 and will include a keynote address from Yahad-In Unum President and founder, Father Patrick Desbois and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking, Nadia Mourad (TBC).

“Yazidis: The Survivors Speak” includes an installation of 16 portraits of Yazidi people who survived ISIS persecution and now live in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan or have found asylum in a foreign country. Accompanying the portraits are selections of their testimony, giving graphic description to the horrors they have lived through the past three years.

“Even with nearly two decades of work researching and documenting the atrocities of Genocide, no one at Yahad was prepared to witness the testimony of the Yazidi survivors. ISIS massacred thousands of men and they were the fortunate ones. Young boys were forced into recruitment and made into killing machines. The Yazidi women and young girls were sold as sex slaves and passed on from soldier to soldier.” said Fr. Desbois. “It is important that the world witness every morbid detail these crimes. If we ignore that which makes us uncomfortable, we give in to the disease of genocide.”

The exhibit is the result of Yahad-In Unum’s 2014 initiative, Action Yazidis. Today Yahad-In Unum applies its experience to investigate the crimes committed against the Yazidi people. The organization has conducted ten investigative trips to Iraq and more than 160 interviews with Yazidi survivors. Its objective is to collect testimonies from all Yazidi refugees, as evidence of ISIS’ systematic violence towards the Yazidi people, in order to help prosecute charges of genocide. Yahad-In Unum has worked directly within the camps for displaced people in Iraqi Kurdistan to gather testimonies from hundreds of Yazidi survivors – women, men, girls and boys – recently escaped from the clutches of ISIS. Each interview is filmed and conducted as a crime reconstruction. Yahad’s research reveals the criminal methodology of ISIS and brings forth evidence of crimes that may amount to genocide.

About Yahad-In Unum
Yahad-In Unum combines the Hebrew word Yahad which means “together”, with the Latin phrase In Unum, which means “in one.” Founded in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois, the organization is dedicated to documenting the evidence of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe and to work on the prevention of future genocides. Yahad-In Unum’s ongoing research on World War II crimes against Jews and Roma/Gypsy people in Eastern Europe has uncovered the localization of close to 3000 killing sites and documented more than 5,400 witnesses to these crimes.

Yahad-In Unum is not affiliated with politics and does not advocate any economic or military action. Its mission is to discover facts of genocidal practices wherever they are and provide a voice of protest on behalf of all victims of genocide and mass violence. www.yahadinunum.com