Spelling Communications (SpellCom) enables companies to succeed and grow. We give you access to key audiences. We permeate all media platforms with smart, persuasive content about your company and your vision. There is no greater business tool than targeted media exposure. It is the spark that ignites a fire. It is
The Power To Influence.

SpellCom – The Power to Influence

About Us

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We’ve been around.¬†SpellCom has serviced more than 100 business and organizations, including emerging growth companies and major corporate brands. Which ones? Intel, Univision, BBDO, Charter Media, Getty Images, EDS, Merrell Dow and many, many others.

We’ve got skills. Our business communications expertise has generated hundreds of millions of media impressions. We create smart, newsworthy content that engages your audience and drives:
   1 Awareness, 2. Business Development and 3. Market Share.

We’ll find a way. If your story needs to be told, we’ll tell it well. If you’re facing a crises, we’ll soften the blow. If you’re ready to grow, we’ll give you a boost. We put the media universe within your sphere of influence.


Smart Content

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Content is Still king.

In the era of social media and big data, content is still… And ever will be…king.

SpellCom generates news alerts, trend stories, think pieces, by-lines, white papers, speeches, and books to keep your channels filled with smart content.

The result:

  • You lead the conversation
  • You motivate your audience
  • You elevate your brand


Spelling Communications
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